Banja Junakovic

Mineral spa and sport center Junakovic is located only a few kilometers from Apatin, at the edge of the forest. Spa Junakovic treats all types of rheumatism, trauma, injuries of perpheral nervous system, orthopedics, and postoperative conditions after spinal surgeries, consequences of cerebral insult, gynecological diseases, and some nonspecific respiratory disesases.

Chemical analysis showed that water which reaches 60 oC contains sodium, lithium, calcium, and magnesium. Thermal water in the spa Junakovic is in the same class as water of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, and Harkany (Hungary).

Spa complex has ten outdoor pools, water slide, tennis courts, courts for little foodball and handball, and indoor therapy pool and sauna. River Danube runs near the spa, with rich areas for hunting and fishing, and oportunities for water sports.

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